Wednesday, March 22, 2017


          In a perfect world, whatever that is, there would be no need to determine what behaviors are good or bad because if we lived in a perfect world those things would be non-issues as the rule of law would be LOVE. But that’s not world we live in now is it?
Though people talk idealistically and from time to time make serious attempts to aspire to higher thinking and acts of kindness towards others, we are ruled by the drive to feel. For most, feelings are more important than truth. We are propagandized and brainwashed into believing we should think of ourselves: what we need, what makes us happy and the importance of “more” as the priority though we will deny it to a faults. We strive to be our highest selves! But the problem with all that is, as good as it may sound, the higher we go the less caring, less concerned, less involved and ultimately less loving we become. Substituting quantity for quality we have devolved in our perception and dysfunctional in our ability to be intimate. The old saying “if it feels good do it” captures a generation consumed with pleasure and seduced by advertising that says we need more, youth is superior to the wisdom and experience of age, the mirror is our guide, how much we have and how hip we are is everything. We have become like Narcissus who was seduced by his arch-enemy Nemesis into staring at his image in the water until he became so enamored with his reflection that lost his will to live and died. Not we call it SELFIE not realizing what it’s doing to us. We have become a culture of visually sedated zombies that thrive on the delusional, seduced by what we think we need becoming severely addicted to absolute mindlessness. In other words, we are seriously selfish and radically stupid! Year after year, generation after generation we have rebranded ourselves as blind narcissists. Worst of all… we have created God in our own image.
Can someone help me make sense of what sense the nonsensical machinations of the unenviable senseless sensualists makes? A mouthful huh? But it’s a very pertinent question to ask of a clueless culture. All we like sheep have lost our way. We’ve become lovers of SELF and money. It’s ok to be arrogant and proud. We scoff at and mock God. Children are radically disobedient to their parents and are rebelliously ungrateful. Nothing is sacred. We are unloving, unforgiving and we heartlessly slander each other at the drop of a hat. There is no self-control. We have become a culture of the cruel; oppressive bully’s and haters of what is good. We are so self absorbed that we think good is evil and evil is the new good! Loyalty? Out the window! Betrayal is easy whether it’s family, our friends, our spouses, and our employers. Our conscience has been unplugged. We are reckless and arrogant. We encourage boasting and self-promotion. We love pleasure more anything… even more than God. We can act religious but it ends there because we either deny or reject the very power that could make us whole. We live in a world called ME!
You know the interesting thing about what I just said? It is verbatim a direct quote from a book that is 2000 years old. The interesting thing is the words that precede that 2000 year old statement. It all hangs on this… “Mark my words Timothy; in the last days, PERILOUS TIMES WILL COME...” Though this warning seems harsh and far-fetched, it is a pinpoint accurate definition of what will take place in the last moments of time; which will be like no other just before the end of all things. We’re not getting better friends, we are drastically worse. Our views are skewed, our ability to discern almost nonexistent, and our sensitivity, NUMB. We are deaf, dumb and blind though we imagine we hear; we think we are smarter and our vision irreversibly impaired.
Tragically, we don’t realize just how bad it actually is. After all, who wants to hear or know negative things, right? We just want positive. We like safe zones. It’s so funny how we decry the evils of humanity for abusing humans, animals, the environment, a person’s right to sexual preference; yet the whole time we are clueless about the unseen world that drives the beast of our self indulgence. We are deaf to the whispers of those voices from the dark that incite our minds and enslave our souls. We are bewilderingly ignorant to the objectives of a militant malevolent being who hates the very air we breathe and does all within his power to pollute our minds and keep the truth of who he is and who we really are far from our sight. Especially those who are supposed to understand; know their position and wield a power so radical it can cut through all he does and demand his unfeigned obedience. Amazing! Those who are supposed to don’t really know who they are or the power they possess thereby allowing him to mercilessly punish the masses.
Remember that great scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion are all in the great hall of the Emerald City before the Great and Terrible Oz, shaking in their boots? He had them trembling with fear and bowing before him. Suddenly Dorothy’s little dog Toto runs into a strange little booth were a curtain hides this ordinary man rattling throttles and making balls of fire rise to the ceiling where a large screen projects a fierce and ominous face which, as we come to find out, is the exact opposite of the man behind the curtain. Once the old side show magician realizes what Toto has done he attempts to pull the curtain back and hide himself and his powerlessness. He announces to the terrified four who have suddenly taken notice of what Toto has done, “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN” in a thunderous voice and dramatic display. The jig is up. The beauty of this little moment in the movie is that they realize they have been duped. There is no great and powerful Oz. They are no longer fooled. The result: they find out that they actually had the power all along to change things.
How blind are you? How gullible? Can you hear something and know whether what you are hearing is the truth or a lie? Can you discern? What about love? Do you find it on EHarmony,, or even worse, Tinder? What is your God? That’s right I said what, not who. Is it food, television, money, sex, drugs, things, a person, status? We are upside down folks. Evil is good and good, evil. The truth is now a lie and even worse; we make absurd statements like “whatever your truth is” as if there are no absolutes, no conclusions. Whatever you want to believe is OK! Even our religion is dry and stale like an old piece of bread that has been left out on the counter for months. Our wineskins are cracked and brittle. Our wine has turned to vinegar and spilled out on the ground. We try to put new wine in old skins, which can no longer expand only to burst, destroying the new wine completely.
What sense does it make to call what we are doing “life” when we are like lemmings jumping off the cliff in pursuit of what we imagine will please us. How long will it please us? Death has unusual timing. It shows up when we least expect it. No one leaves this planet alive. We are an insatiable lot. We can never get enough. There is always something bigger, better, more, more, more! What sense does it make to surrender? After all only quitters do that. What sense does it make to believe in a God that can’t be seen or allows such horrible things to happen to people? No sense at all, right? What sense does “you must lose your life in order to find it” mean? These are the exact opposite of everything we are bombarded with from every direction, every day. Right?
The greatest lie ever told is the longest lie ever believed. Call it myth, call it metaphor; but consider this… in the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis is one story that deserves serious attention. In it, a talking serpent (aka fallen Lucifer the archangel who, until man, was God’s greatest creation) suggests to Eve (the first woman created) that she eat from a tree at the center of the garden known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve responds to the suggestion by repeating what the One who created the garden and the trees (God) had said to her when He instructed her not to eat from the one the serpent was trying to get her to. God told Eve that something bad would happen to her if she did; something she was completely unfamiliar with but that the serpent knew very well… she would die. Little did Eve know that the one who was seducing her had himself partaken of that tree long before. Eve was very special to the Creator and the serpent knew it well. The serpent knew exactly who she was and why she had been created. His response to her recollection of God’s words to her was the greatest lie ever told. Make her blind to who she was! Lucifer himself is a bit of a creator in his own right. His greatest creation is one we all know well and one time or another all do, its called “the lie”. He replied to Eve, “That's not true; you won’t die. God said that because He knows that when you eat it, you will be just like Him”. There is much in this moment that we could talk about, but this is the ultimate deception and the very one that has been passed on person-to-person, generation after generation to every man, woman and child since the original. It’s that God doesn’t want you to be like Him! But the truth is, being like Him is exactly what He wants you to be. In other words, “Look Eve, God just doesn’t want you to enjoy the things that will please you. I mean, after all everything He does pleases Him right? He’s so selfish. Why shouldn’t you enjoy pleasure too, Eve? He’s not telling you the truth. He just wants to scare you. There is no such thing as dying, Eve… I promise!”
Why did Lucifer want Eve to eat? Because he knew well in advance where his own demise was going to come from. Knowing that, he devised a devious plan to deceive and kill the very womb from which his Judge, jury and Executioner would come! He has never stopped seeking to kill what is in the womb that could potentially cause his plans to be thwarted. He hates God and he hates those who are created greater than he was because they were created in the image of God and designed to blot out Lucifer’s memory forever.
Knowing that let me ask you a question. What is abortion? Do you really understand it or its implications? In light of this story, I don’t believe we do because if we did, we would never participate. It is an Orthodox Jewish belief that a piece of the Divine is each human soul. If that is the case, what are we actually killing? Like all choices that are about self, it goes hand in hand with not only the reality of the level of deception humanity grovels under; it causes us to agree with the robber of souls himself. The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is self-centeredness because it blinds our eyes, closes our ears and causes our minds to believe the lie.
What sense does it make to live for ourselves, gain all the things the world says we need, yet in all actuality God says separate us from Him and ultimately produce not just death here, but one that never ends? No sense whatsoever to me. Yet the hardest thing we will ever do is come to the understanding that what we think is good is not what God says is good.
We are in the world but not of it. Make sense? No! He says that if we love the world and the things of it, we are diametrically opposed to everything that He is and that He calls good. Why? Someone else is ruling this planet. Makes no sense to a rational mind whatsoever. The world is at enmity to God. We can only shove that so far down; usually not past our ME button. The word enmity means the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile towards someone or something; in other words, we are enemies with God. And what sense does that make? If you truly believe in God the answer is, none.
If love was the rule of law and the only judge and jury were its attributes, mercy and grace, then the appeal would be for us to choose the only thing that makes sense... life! He who loses his life will find it…
Make sense?

© 2017 Steven Bliss

Saturday, February 4, 2017


         In November of 2016 I was hiking in my favorite place where I seem to have spiritual encounter after encounter when I was stopped twice in my tracks by the Voice I’ve learned to know. Below are the dates and the two things I heard… I feel it’s time to make them public for you to ponder. It is now two weeks into the Trump administration and I’d say, to say the least, it’s showing itself to be a wild ride. Hold on folks… you haven’t seen anything yet!
         Listen… don’t take my word for it… ask God yourself if it’s true, what it means to you, and what should your response to it be?
November 8, 2016
As the thorn pricks and the wound bleeds so shall the earth reel at its piercing. What the one has done, so the many shall know. Crooked steps through a broken gate is the path which all shall endure. The blind eye will say I have not seen and the ears of the deaf shall claim no sound, but what will enter the earth no man can excuse, for even the dead shall tremble and quake. For the rocks will cry out with a terrible shout and the wailing rush through the trees. For I shall descend with a dreadful shout as I cover the earth with My wings. 

November 24, 2016
What is coming over the next 11 months no one can comprehend... Israel will reel and the world will rock.
Trump is a SOUND that shall be heard.
The beginning has begun and the ending is at hand. MY lens of the world is not in America but on the mount in Jerusalem.
Know and rest, ignore and strive. Fast shall become faster and darkness become darker but I will keep in perfect shalom those whose mind's look intently at ME.
What is to come SHALL BE BUILT to which the whole world will bow, but you will only look on with your eyes. 

© 2017 Steven Bliss

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


For 2,000 years a cry has gone up to heaven, a plea has been exhaled, a concert of voices crying out for the return of the one who was slain. A begging of sorts as insanity presses hard against humanity. Many said throughout the past two thousand years that the story was false, that the return was a lie and that such expectations will only lead to disappointment. But man forgets a most crucial part of the greatest story ever told; God is eternal and not bound by space or time. God does not move or hold to the seconds on a clock or even nanoseconds but sweeps through a timeless veil as He accomplishes His purposes precisely and with pinpoint accuracy within the constraints of time which He Himself imposed upon man.
Close to 4,000 years ago in a relatively unknown part of the world that to us seems meaningless an encounter took place between man and the Creator of all things. It wasn't just a conversation but Divine handshake where a covenant was forged and a promise made not by the man with God but by God with the man concerning his progeny and the future of all mankind. The story goes a little like this (my interpretation paraphrased and condensed): “I will create through you a great family that I shall use to reveal Myself to all mankind. I have chosen you because you come from the loins of your father Adam and Seth. The family I wanted to create through Adam I will create through you. But your family, like your Adam, will rebel against me yet I will not waver in doing what I have promised to you this day and we'll keep by My sworn word to you in covenant. Though they will wander and wail, be scattered and die, because of My promise to you this day I will gather them to Myself and to the place of My choosing so that I may reveal myself to the whole world through them. And because of the rebellion against me I will make a way for that rebellion to be null and void. I will do a great thing that no one can comprehend but you will see it and be glad. You and your family, and all the families of the Earth, the sons and daughters of your father Adam shall be redeemed by what I do. And then, after many years I will begin the restoration by calling your family back from the ends of the Earth and I shall reestablish your family as one on the face of the Earth and then they shall know that I AM YAHWEH who swears these things to you this day. For in that day a great terror shall rise but I will be the light that dispels the darkness for I shall return! Every eye shall see and knee bow and every tongue confess that I AM is God."
1,948 years after the creation of Adam, his many times great grandson Abraham was born to Terah in the city of UR in what is today southern Iraq. Subsequently in thousands of years in the future another 1948 occurred. In that year a miracle took place where out of the ashes of death and destruction in the ovens of the Holocaust where over 7 million Jew died, the nation of Israel and the rebirth of Abraham in the earth took place on the very ground God gave to Abraham when He gave him His promise almost 4,000 years before. One may easily choose to consider it nothing more than coincidence, but historically it is perhaps one of the most dramatic events to ever take place in the history of man on the earth. What was dead and decimated was brought back to life in order to bring to pass the fulfillment of a promise made by God thousands of years in the past to a man whose bones have long been dust in the ground
In this day of fabrication exaggeration and out-and-out lies, along with fake news in the propagation of dark agendas of wicked men, the nation of Israel stands as a beacon of light for all to see. But there's a deeper story here that needs to be taken into consideration given the history and promises made by the God.
When Jesus came the first time there are several things that need to be examined and taken into consideration pertaining to a story that is unfolding before our very eyes. First is that Israel did not exist as a nation at that time of His first coming. It was subjugated under the Roman Empire and was known as Palestine. Second, though the Romans ruled the land of Palestine and governed the city of Jerusalem, a temple had been erected by Herod the Great and was used by the religious order of the Jews and the people of the time for the purpose of worshiping and sacrificing to the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Third, though at the time Jerusalem was barely recognizable as the holy city that God had chosen for Himself and for His name to be glorified in, it is where He Himself would make a personal sacrifice for all of mankind in order to restore to him to right relationship with Him forever. And it is to that very place where Jesus was sacrificed He will return as He promised. But before He returns there are specific things that have to take place that were prophesied as pre-return requirements.
Though there are quite a few I will only focus on several that I believe are most relevant to what I’m about to share.
First is that Israel must exist as a Sovereign Nation. That happened in May of 1948. With the creation of the nation, second would be a calling out to the world for all those who are the descendants of Abraham according to blood to return home to the land. They would be compelled to the point whether by force or personal choice to go. That began in in the late 1800 and exploded in 1948 but has accelerated over the last 50 years since 1967 when Jerusalem was taken out of the hands of gentiles and returned to its rightful owners, the descendants of Abraham. This too was a part of the promises God made. Third, and just prior to the return of Jesus to the Earth, a Temple would be constructed in Jerusalem and Israel would return to an extreme religious posture towards God in the midst of a world spinning out of control. Jerusalem itself would become a source of consternation throughout the entire globe and all the nations of the earth would rage against her. This has obviously not happened at this point but will in the not-too-distant future.
From 2009 until January 20th of 2017, the United States of America, Israel’s only real ally in the Earth, has poked Israel in the eye by continually humiliating its leaders, verbally rebuking her as a petulant stepchild and financially backing her most vehement enemies. America has showed great disdain and disgust through its highest official, Barack Obama, whose father was an anti-Semite and hated Israel and passed that posture along to his son who became the leader of the most powerful nation on the Earth. In the last month of his presidency alone Obama did whatever he could to humiliate and create years of problems for the nation of Israel by abstaining from a UN resolution which left Israel unprotected, and in a last-ditch effort attempted to give $200 million to Israel's indigenous and most insidious foe, the PLO. And lets not forget to mention the demonic pact Obama made in the form of a treaty with Iran(the modern-day diversionary name for the ancient nation of Persia and home of perhaps the most lethal principality in all the Earth, the Biblical Prince of Persia) paying them billions in cash to build their terror infrastructure without the permission of Congress. Hezbollah, an arm of Iranian terror is encamped just to the north in Lebanon. It has been obvious since Mr. Obama’s speech in Cairo to the Arab League of Nations of his personal support of the spread of Islam, and hence the spread of Islamic terrorism around the globe whose soul focus is to cause America to implode and wipe Israel from the face of the Earth.
Knowing all this, what makes this time different than any other time? What is the significance on the rise and obvious favor and choice of a man, Donald Trump, who no one gave a single chance to? What was happening in the final hours of the election of 2016 that changed the course not only of American history, but the world? Who is Donald Trump and why did he rise to the highest office in the entire world? Why Trump and who is he really?
            The opinions and thoughts I am about to give are purely mine. They are my observations and my perceptions and perspective of what I believe is a bigger and far more important story than the one that has just played out with the election and inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.
I want to start off by not beating around the bush by over-telling a story, but go directly to the point and then lay out some thoughts for you to ponder, investigate and consider. I believe Donald Trump's roll is far greater than that of the president of the United States, I believe it is for a strategic allegiance with the nation of Israel that has not been seen since Cyrus the Great and his release of the children of Israel to go back and rebuild their Temple after 70 years of exile in Babylon. I believe Donald Trump is a prophetic figure and will play out to be one of the most significant biblical figures in history. Time will tell, but this is what I believe.
Zechariah Chapter 12 says that at the end of all things Jerusalem will become a bone of contention as never before to all the nations in the earth, that they will stumble over her as they rage against her. This is a promise will immediately precede the return of Jesus to the earth. In a sense it’s a covenant with Israel and all the descendants of Adam and Eve. Since 1967 when Jerusalem was captured and retaken by the Jews and declared Israel's capital it has been a constant source of consternation for those who hate the Jews and Israel. Since 1955 Yasser Arafat and his PLO have sought to undermine and recapture it for themselves. At least divide it. And the one piece of property they hold and guard with fierceness is the Temple mount in the center of Jerusalem itself. I know this first-hand as I have been on it and aggressively moved away from the Golden Gate on its eastern wall in 1985. At the center of this controversy is the fact that since Israel's inception and statehood in 1948, America, who tipped the scales with the United Nations has never physically recognized Jerusalem as the capital putting its embassy in Tel Aviv. No American president has moved that embassy though several have talked about it and proposed it, none have succeeded or followed through. I believe that day has finally come. Donald Trump will move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of the nation of Israel in Jerusalem. This single act to a Luciferian hierarchy will incite not only intense opposition, but also profound rage as it will signal a change of guard and the beginning of something extremely profound. It will be no small deed. It will be no insignificant move. It will have long-lasting and prophetic implications.
Why will Donald Trump, self-made billionaire and real estate mogul make such an outlandish move as the President of the United States? Why is he determined to have such a relationship with Israel unlike any president before him? That question can only be answered through the looking at Donald Trump's life over the last 40 years.
In his book, The Art of the Deal, which Trump wrote in 1987 he reveals something not most would get by just reading it, but in hindsight it reveals something very significant. The majority of people whom Donald Trump has dealt with and pulled close to himself as his closest friends over the last 40 years have been some of the most prominent Jews in America. It only makes sense as a real estate developer that many of America's greatest real estate developers are Jewish. If you read the book carefully you will find this to be the case. 
Something most don’t pay much attention to are Trumps children and their spouses. His daughter Ivanka married into one of the most prominent Jewish families in America when she married Jared Kushner and herself converted to Judaism. This is no small thing. This is very significant spiritually as Donald Trump's grandchildren by Ivanka are Jewish. But it doesn't stop with Ivanka. Donald Trump Jr. is married to Vanessa Kay Haydon who is herself of Danish Jewish decent. They have five children together and to solidify my point, in 2014 Eric Trump married Lara Yunaska, who herself is Jewish, under a crystal-embellished chuppah with Jared Kushner officiating a very Jewish ceremony. Thus far all of Donald Trump's progeny are Jewish. His family’s future is sealed. Ponder this and I believe you will see that what I'm saying and where this is going is not just what you see on the surface. 
I am about to make a bold statement, a prediction of sorts shall we say; one many will argue against but regardless I will say it anyway. As I said previously one of the most significant things to take place prophetically before the return of Jesus is the building of a Temple in Jerusalem. The return of Jesus very closely resembles the original story of Hanukkah where He will return to a temple that has been built... but not just any Temple. According to Biblical prophecy during the last seven years known as the time of Jacob's Trouble, Israel will have three and a half years of relative peace and then three and a half years absolute chaos and tragedy. But when Jesus returns He will enter the Temple Mount through the now closed Golden Gate to take His rightful place as Lord of all the earth. As it stands not the Temple Mount is in the hands of those who hate Israel and seek her destruction. Until now there's no possible way a Temple could have ever been erected on that piece of ground. Those who oppose such a building know the significance of such… they know the prophecies, but I believe that time is about to end and a time like no other time is about to begin.
Who better to help Israel further its cause and build a temple of unbelievable beauty and proportion than the most significant master builder on the face of the Earth, Donald Trump! I believe he will not only move American Embassy to Jerusalem but he will in the not too distant future help Israel restore it's spiritual significance and heritage by helping them build a temple like no other Temple before it. And I believe like Donald Trump has done time and time again he will do it ahead of schedule and under budget. It will be his greatest masterpiece and it will be for the entire world to see that the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Israel has anointed Donald Trump for such a monumental task. Trump is a man who keeps his word and does what he says he will do. That is the history of Donald Trump and that will be his crowning glory; after all, he has a vested interest as his future lineage is is now intrinsically woven into the fabric of the nation of Israel.
But I don't believe it ends with what I have just said, though that is in and of itself extremely radical and dramatic... but I believe Donald Trump has something else that is extremely unique that no one else on the face of the earth has… especially in America.
When Israel became a nation a clarion call by the Angelic world began to take place. A calling out to the four points of the globe; to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west for them to give up all those who have been dispersed throughout the globe for thousands of years and to return to the land of their fathers. This is been happening. They've come from the north out of the Holocaust of World War II. They have come out of the East as far as China and Japan and Korea. From Iraq and Persia. They have come from the South in Africa... but for the most part they have not come from the West. Why? Because the majority of Jews throughout the West are comfortable and have done well. In America many are wealthy and in control of many things as a result of their successes and wealth. It is an extremely uncomfortable idea to imagine giving it all up to return to the land of their fathers when where they live now is relatively safe and comfortable.
But I believe we will see over these next year's the voice of a trumpet... a Trump WILL BE HEARD in the ears of those who are comfortable. And example will be shown for all to see. They will see his passion for Israel. His respect and admiration for its historical “will to live”. They will see his family ties. His connection to Israel will be so profound it will be like a bridge going between America and Israel itself. I believe the day is rapidly approaching where we will see a tremendous move by the comfortable in America because of America in many ways will become radically uncomfortable and the Jewish population of America will be stirred. The Jewish population of Canada and of Central America and South America will be stirred. And there will be a significant drawing of those who will feel that stirring deep in their spirits to go. And this MUST take place because God himself is the one who calls. And just like Darius gave the command to all those who were captive in Babylon to go home and build their Temple and worship God again in their own land, so I believe Donald Trump is the modern-day version of such a profound prophetic utterance in the Earth.
Something of unprecedented circumstance took place in the wee hours of November 8th 2016. Something no one believed was possible. After all, everyone said for 18 months it was impossible. No one would have imagined that the one no one ever imagined being president would at the 12th hour overtake the one who was all but declared the next president. And Trump not only overtook Clinton, he plowed under a dark force that was about to pummel America with a deathblow. God stepped into time and in one sweeping move showed whom His favor was upon. The Bible says, “God raises up one man and sets down another”. Proverbs says that, “the heart of the king is like channels the water in the hand of God; He moves it however He wishes.” God raised up a man, against all odds, who was bold enough and radical enough and willing to undertake a prophetic task that has perhaps never been seen on the face of the Earth and pliable enough to do His bidding and wise enough to recognize the moment he found himself in.
I say this with bold conviction; Donald Trump is not who you think he is or who he appears to be. And because of that, and God's obvious and dramatic favor, he will accomplish what he was born and called to do as the President of the United States. His impact will be far greater that just making America great again, I believe he will play a major role in preparing the way for the return of the Messiah to Israel and the rule of God to the earth and the restoration of all things to the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. God keeps His word, even to a thousand generations. What He promised, He will do and the Covenant He made with Abraham, whose capstone is Y'shua/Jesus, will be fulfilled to the very last detail.

© 2017 Steven Bliss

Saturday, October 8, 2016


As I leave LA and head east towards home I am struck with a deep sense of fulfillment and meaning. After 24 years of arrogance and rebellion, holding grudges and reaping what I've sown, I look down from the window of my plane with a startling revelation that I'm a part of something profound. I'm a part of a legacy that has impacted people around the world for the Kingdom of God... a church that has birthed almost 2,600 churches worldwide. I have a heritage that supersedes that of flesh and blood... one whose scope is eternal and lasting and the songs God gave us back then still resonate around the world. Today I feel love like I've never known. A stump lives...and branches now shoot forth from my lifeless body... I have been raised from the dead. Though I’ve been lost, now I'm found. God has been kind to me and sent His Word to heal me.
To live in a supernatural existence is not a discussion but a determined action. Hearing His voice requires the willingness to believe you have heard and the extreme patience to wait far beyond the hearing. Trusting God is not imparted to us but is acquired the same way a child understands a parents love as they hold that child from the moment it’s born and cares for them, though that child has no knowledge it is happening. Only as that child grows in knowledge through its experiences does it begin to realize and understand it is loved and therefore trusts its giver without reservation. We desperately need to understand we are being held at all times regardless of what we feel.
As I look out across the horizon and the vastness of its expanse I see the endless possibilities it holds. Though I can't see details I can envision and imagine all that is there. I was blind but now I see. Light shines on the epiphanies as the curtain pulls back. I have wondered for so long… who am I? I am a mouth God speaks through, a man whose paths are carved by Yahweh Himself... a weapon in His hand and a testimony of His love expressed and faithfulness revealed.
It is a brand new Hebrew year, 5777 to be exact! The trumpets blow as the Days of Awe begin. The unveiling has begun. For me, one chapter has closed and another begins; each word being written one at a time, every letter formed by my Masters hand. Each step prearranged. I belong to no one but Him. Whom the Son sets free is free...and there are no restraints. In this moment, at this very second as I look across the horizon, my Father and I are one. What was is no more and what stares me in the face is my destiny...the continuation of the legacy I was thrust into and born out of however it is meant to unfold. But I am confident in this… it bears fruit that will remain.

© 2016/5777 Steven Bliss