Saturday, February 4, 2017


         In November of 2016 I was hiking in my favorite place where I seem to have spiritual encounter after encounter when I was stopped twice in my tracks by the Voice I’ve learned to know. Below are the dates and the two things I heard… I feel it’s time to make them public for you to ponder. It is now two weeks into the Trump administration and I’d say, to say the least, it’s showing itself to be a wild ride. Hold on folks… you haven’t seen anything yet!
         Listen… don’t take my word for it… ask God yourself if it’s true, what it means to you, and what should your response to it be?
November 8, 2016
As the thorn pricks and the wound bleeds so shall the earth reel at its piercing. What the one has done, so the many shall know. Crooked steps through a broken gate is the path which all shall endure. The blind eye will say I have not seen and the ears of the deaf shall claim no sound, but what will enter the earth no man can excuse, for even the dead shall tremble and quake. For the rocks will cry out with a terrible shout and the wailing rush through the trees. For I shall descend with a dreadful shout as I cover the earth with My wings. 

November 24, 2016
What is coming over the next 11 months no one can comprehend... Israel will reel and the world will rock.
Trump is a SOUND that shall be heard.
The beginning has begun and the ending is at hand. MY lens of the world is not in America but on the mount in Jerusalem.
Know and rest, ignore and strive. Fast shall become faster and darkness become darker but I will keep in perfect shalom those whose mind's look intently at ME.
What is to come SHALL BE BUILT to which the whole world will bow, but you will only look on with your eyes. 

© 2017 Steven Bliss

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